High-End Motion Systems for the Electronics Industry

The continuous miniaturization of components drives rapid advances in the electronics industry. The basis for increasingly smaller chips in front-end production and higher density circuits in back-end production is the continuously improved accuracy of the measuring and motion technology employed. Motion platforms from ETEL, featuring HEIDENHAIN encoders, as well as motion and position controllers from ETEL deliver the highest degree of accuracy and outstanding performance.

Complex solutions made simple

ETEL CHARON2: the flexible platform for semiconductor applications and more

ETEL linear and torque motors: zero cogging for maximum accuracy

CHARON2: combining the expertise of ETEL and HEIDENHAIN

Modular, scalable, and highly accurate: these are the characteristics of the CHARON2 platform. Its expansion stages range from a standalone X axis to a complete motion system with up to seven axes. Since CHARON2 is designed to accommodate multiple standard modules and options, a solution can be brought to market in an extremely short time. CHARON2 thus covers a wide range of applications with numerous use cases, not only for semiconductors, but also in industries such as medical technology, pharmaceuticals, and materials science. 

CHARON2 delivers a position accuracy of ±1 µm, paired with excellent bidirectional repeatability and high dynamics. It's a perfect example of ETEL expertise for motors, electronics, and controllers being vertically integrated, in synergy with HEIDENHAIN expertise regarding positioning accuracy.

Motion systems from ETEL

ETEL motors: unique technology with wide variant diversity

ETEL offers a comprehensive range of standard linear motors and standard torque motors, meeting nearly all customer demands. One special feature of the motors is their unique zero-cogging design. This design provides outstanding peak power density and unparalleled thermal efficiency, providing a considerable advantage in terms of precision.

Linear motors

ETEL focuses on low-profile, permanent-magnet-excited, three-phase, synchronous linear motors. These motors cover more than 90 percent of all industrial direct-drive applications worldwide. 

Iron core motors, such as the LMA, LMG, and LMS series offer exceptional peak force and excellent thermal efficiency. This provides significant advantages in high-precision machines that react critically to thermal drift. 

Ironless motors of the ILF+ and ILM+ series feature excellent linear speed and force behavior. This makes them ideally suited for demanding scanning applications in which no attractive forces are permitted and high speed stability is required.

Torque motors

With its TMK, TMB+, and TML series, ETEL offers cageless, iron core torque motors whose powerful magnets provide maximum torque and exceptional acceleration in the smallest possible design. The motors of the TMB+ series feature a precision stator and the greatest possible continuous torque. Heat dissipation is minimized by liquid coolant.

Linear motors Torque motors

ETEL AccurET: the compact position controller with powerful performance

ETEL UltimET: the powerful controller for synchronized and interpolated movements

AccurET and UltimET: the modular system for motion and position control

UltimET motion controllers and AccurET position controllers offer powerful performance in extremely compact dimensions, thus improving a machine's precision and throughput while saving space. Their standardized design and modular architecture allow machine builders to mechanically integrate both systems into their machines with ease. 

Also, UltimET motion controllers and AccurET position controllers can be used with all servomotors available on the market. The decentralized architecture ensures the same high level of performance and speed regardless of the number of axes to be moved in the machine. This distributed architecture also makes cabling, on-site maintenance, installation, and servicing easier.

Motion controllers from ETEL

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Optimized for dynamic, high-accuracy applications in the electronics industry: exposed linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN

Exposed linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN are optimized for use on high-accuracy, dynamic machines as sought by the electronics industry. Despite their exposed design, they are extremely robust and insensitive to contamination, meaning that they also ensure a high degree of long-term stability. They can also be mounted quickly and easily. The low weight and compact design of the LIF, LIP, and LIDA encoders make them particularly suitable for linear motors.

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Extremely small, highly precise, and versatile: the LIKgo and LIKselect exposed linear encoders from NUMERIK JENA

With the LIKgo and LIKselect encoders, NUMERIK JENA offers two new exposed linear encoders specifically designed for limited installation space and high accuracy requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Very small and light scanning head
  • 20 μm grating period and measuring steps of down to 78.125 nm
  • New two-field scanning technology with extremely high signal quality
  • No phase or offset errors
  • Interpolated TTL signals from the scanning head without any additional electronics
  • Generous mounting tolerances
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