Virtual trade show: real-world opportunities for your unique application

KCI 120 Dplus: motor feedback and position measurement in one device

HMC 2 single-cable solution with EnDat 3: ready for digital manufacturing

LIKgo and LIKselect from NUMERIK JENA: ultra-small, highly accurate, versatile

ETEL motion systems: high-end solutions for the electronics industry

Encoders from RSF: extensive variety for maximum flexibility

The new RENCO generation: easy to install and reliable to operate

Modular angle encoders: ideal secondary encoders for advanced robotics

Easily Implement Multifunctional Encoders

Welcome to the HEIDENHAIN virtual SPS trade show! Experience our visitor-friendly alternative to conventional trade shows. We’ve combined consultation tailored to your wishes and live demonstrations, all in the relaxed safety of an online event. Discover exciting products and solutions that

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Our main topics

Advanced Robotics

New encoder solutions make your robots even safer, more powerful, and more precise.

2 in 1: KCI 120 Dplus dual encoder Modular and flexible: secondary encoders New motor encoders for robotics

Encoders with Added Value

Are you familiar with these rotary, angle, or linear encoders for your challenging applications?

Rotary encoders for stepper and BLDC motors Encoders for highly dynamic motors Linear encoders for very limited installation space

System Integration

 Quickly, reliably, and easily implement encoders and data with less cabling.

Optical encoders for the HMC 2 single-cable solution EnDat: ready for the digitalized future

High-End Motion Control Systems

Motion systems and motion control solutions for maximum accuracy in electronics manufacturing.

Motion systems for back-end semiconductor processes Controlling servomotor motions and positions

Your applications are challenging. Our brands give you the answers.


Flexible scale-tape solutions for greater accuracy on large axes

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 Highly dynamic motions with optimal quality and accuracy

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Ultra-low-profile optical encoders for limited installation space

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Rotary encoders for BLDC and stepper motors: easy installation, safe performance

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High-accuracy encoders for automation technology, electronics production, and metrology

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Virtual show. Real opportunities.

The virtual trade show from HEIDENHAIN offers you digital and real-world opportunities to discover innovations from HEIDENHAIN and its AMO, ETEL, NUMERIK JENA, RENCO, and RSF brands, benefiting your applications. Schedule a personalized Webex tour of the specially built SPS booth. Our product managers and sales experts can give you all the details.

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A brief preview of our trade show highlights

The KCI 120 Dplus for advanced robotics: two encoders in one device  

The third EnDat generation: ready for the future of digital manufacturing