Multifunctional Encoders and New Fields of Application

Encoders with additional functions open up completely new possibilities for the machines and production equipment in which they are installed. They thus unlock new fields of application, such as those with much higher accuracy requirements or particular process reliability demands. Encoders from HEIDENHAIN and its AMO, ETEL, NUMERIK JENA, RENCO, and RSF brands are part of a comprehensive product program with solutions perfectly matched to your challenging applications.

HEIDENHAIN ECN 1325 and EQN 1337: optical rotary encoders with the EnDat 3 interface

Since its launch more than 20 years ago, the EnDat interface has firmly established itself on the market. All rotary, angle, and linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN, AMO, NUMERIK JENA, RSF, and LEINE LINDE are available with the EnDat interface. Manufacturers of machines and production equipment worldwide harness the benefits of EnDat data transmission.

With the HMC 2 hybrid motor cable, the third generation of the EnDat interface has arrived. In addition to the inductive rotary encoders introduced to the market at SPS 2019, HEIDENHAIN is now presenting the ECN 1325 and EQN 1337 optical rotary encoders. Their strengths are particularly evident in highly demanding automation applications, where they provide space-saving and cost-efficient yet high-performance possibilities for measuring positions on the order of angular seconds.

The EnDat 3 rotary encoders are mechanically compatible with the EnDat 2 encoders. Motor manufacturers can now seamlessly transition to the HMC 2 single-cable solution and the EnDat 3 interface technology at any time. Thanks to the use of standardized cable and connector technology, this change saves a significant amount of money and time. As with all EnDat encoders, the newest generation naturally also provides all information necessary for easy initial configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics.

ECN 1325 and EQN 1337 product information System integration with EnDat is particularly easy

HEIDENHAIN KCI 120 Dplus: the new dual encoder for robotics

Two rotary encoders in one device: the KCI 120 Dplus provides motor feedback and position measurement for advanced robotics applications in just one compact encoder. This enables high-accuracy positioning and motion control of the tool center point, an indispensable prerequisite for applications such as human-robot collaboration. The KCI 120 Dplus is also well suited to these applications thanks to the EnDat 2.2 purely serial interface with functional safety.

All about the KCI 120 Dplus

Linear and angle encoders from RSF: the flexible solutions for highly dynamic measuring tasks

LIKgo and LIKselect from NUMERIK JENA: extremely small, highly accurate, and versatile

The new generation of encoders from RENCO: greater accuracy for stepper and BLDC motors

RSF: modular encoders for maximum flexibility

The modular design of solutions from RSF offers maximum flexibility for integrating linear and angle encoders into your systems. This includes a large number of interfaces to all common numerical controls as well as a variety of mechanical designs. You also benefit from large mounting tolerances and thus very easy mounting of the encoders.

  • You can employ the modular MCR 15 (absolute) and MSR 15 (incremental) angle encoders with scale drums having outside diameters ranging from 50 mm to 350 mm in many applications for position and speed control of electric motors as well as in metrology applications.
  • The MC 15 absolute exposed linear encoder makes exact positioning possible in measuring steps of down to 50 nm for measuring lengths of up to 10 000 mm, without needing a reference run.
  • With the MS 15 exposed linear encoder and its modular system, consisting of graduation carriers up to 20 000 mm long and scanning heads for measuring steps from 10 µm down to 50 nm, you can assemble solutions that are perfectly matched to your needs. The optical homing and limit functions, which can be integrated over the width of the scale, are very convenient.
Measure lengths and angles with RSF

NUMERIK JENA: measure lengths where installation space is limited

With the LIKgo and LIKselect encoders, NUMERIK JENA offers two new exposed linear encoders specifically designed for limited installation space and high accuracy requirements. 

The LIKgo, as the standard-level product, features the basic characteristics needed for use in electronics industry applications that offer only little room for integration:

  • A particularly small and lightweight scanning head with dimensions of only 28 mm x 13 mm x 7.5 mm and weighing only 10 g
  • Newly developed two-field scanning that yields very good accuracy with a 20 µm grating period and measuring steps of down to 78.125 nm, as well as high signal quality and resistance to contamination
  • Direct output of the interpolated TTL signals from the scanning head without additional electronics; these signals have no phase or offset errors
  • Especially simple and intuitive mounting thanks to wider tolerances
  • Electronic signal adjustment for optimizing the system stability

The new LIKselect supplements the characteristics of the LIKgo with customer-specific demands, thus bringing the advantages of the Kit L series from NUMERIK JENA to the new generation of LIK linear encoders. The LIKselect encoders are therefore very well suited for applications with customized demands and can be individually configured.

Measure lengths with NUMERIK JENA

RENCO: the new generation of rotary encoders for stepper and BLDC motors

The new R35i and R35iL encoders from RENCO are incremental rotary encoders without integral bearings. With resolutions of up to 40 000 measuring steps per revolution, they are particularly well suited as feedback systems for stepper motors in Closed Loop operation and for exact position measurement in measuring machines such as laser scanners.

Their strengths are:

  • Simple and quick mounting thanks to the integrated mounting aid
  • Electronic adjustment of the motor commutation signals at the press of a button
  • Safe and reliable operation thanks to monitoring and diagnostic functions, implemented in this manner in incremental rotary encoders for the first time
  • Exact measurement of the rotor position of BLDC motors and highly accurate commanding of the UVW track sequence for electronic motor commutation on motors with up to 32 motor pole pairs

For particularly limited mounting situations, RENCO offers the R35iL. It is one of the smallest rotary encoders currently on the market, with a height of only 8.6 mm.

Rotary encoders from RENCO

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